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Class Descriptions

Trak Attak* The Easy Way To Get Fit And Tone Up
Whether its pre season, in season or mid season we have the ideal session for you. Try our Trak Attak circuit class on our indoor jogging track; this class is designed to work on those components of fitness such as acceleration, speed & power. This class is a must for all Sports Enthusiasts.

Body Attack Body Attack is a high calorie burning aerobic and athletic class from Les Mill Body Training Systems New Zealand. Energetic and Addictive.

Body Pump Proven to be the world’s fastest way to get in shape. Using a barbell and inter-changable weights you will condition and strengthen the whole of the body.

H.I.T BootCamp Energetic. Explosive. Effective. Enjoyable! A Mega Body Blast. Options for all levels of Fitness.

Box-Fit A boxing based fitness training session designed to increase fitness levels, strengthen and condition. No boxing experience necessary.

Campus Run* Run in a safe, supervised and motivating group environment. Sessions will include a warm up and run around the scenic UL Campus followed by a cool down and stretches. To suit all fitness levels from fun runners to marathon runners

Fit For Life Low Impact Conditioning & Toning (ideal for Beginners)

Freestyle Fitness Yoga is a fitness programme that incorporates Yoga Postures and deep stretch exercises focusing on improving flexibility and enhancing posture and promoting strength and stability.

MIND BODY FUSION A blend of Pilates, Yoga based postures, varied Core training and effective stretch / flexibility training.

PILATES A series of exercises, designed to lengthen, strengthen and condition the body, based on the teachings of Joseph H Pilates.

Advanced Pilates For those with at least one year’s Pilates’ experience or from a sporting/athletic background.

Pilates Flow A conditioning and flexibility session with a Pilates influence.

SPINNING (Group Indoor Cycling) Cycling training on a stationery studio bike as your instructor takes you on a journey including flat roads, hills, sprints and a few more hills.

BEGIN TO SPIN A beginner’s guide to indoor-cycling. A chance to ‘get on your bike’ and get used to indoor cycling, taking your time, at your own pace.

Spin & Abs Cycling and core work combined in one session.

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