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Aquatic Exercise Classes

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Swimming Pool - (Recreational Swimming)
Monday 07:00-21:45
Tuesday 07:00-21:45
Wednesday 07:00-21:45
Thursday 07:00-21:45
Friday 07:00 - 21:45
Saturday 10:15 - 17:45
Sunday 11:15 - 18:45

*Daytime restrictions may apply due to University requirements. Check 50m Pool link above for information.



Aquatic Exercise Classes

Aqua Aerobics;
Aqua Aerobics is a fun exercise class held in shallow water. The pool depth is 1.2m; therefore it is suitable for nervous/weak swimmers as well as more advanced. This class is a great fat burner.

Aqua Jogging;
Aqua Jogging is a non-impact exercise, which takes place in deep water. A flotation belt is worn around the waist, which helps keep the participant in a vertical position with the head above the water. Ideal for people of any age and fitness level, the concept is to walk, jog or sprint while avoiding contact with the pool floor. Sessions can be designed for fitness, recovery or rehabilitation.

Lifesaving classes are held in the University Arena Swimming Pool but we do not organise them. Please email [email protected], for further information.

Friday Fun Time;
Every Friday from 15.15 – 16.45 we have sectioned off half of the Shallow End for all 6yr olds and under and their parents / guardians (Adults must get into water with children) to come in and have fun / playtime in the pool after a long week! The floor is raised during this time to 0.6m / 2ft.
This also introduces swimming to young children, emphasising the fun of water!
We provide woggles, floats, toys, balls and much more.

Feature Events

Few places remain for intensive Summer swimming lessons. Adults & Kids catered for. Contact Ciara at [email protected] or 061 213519

Latest news: High performance swimmer Chris Bryan has qualified for the World Championships, Shanghai after swimming 1:53.01 in the 10km Open Water event in Eilat, Israel!!

Does your club require Long Course training?
Contact our Administrator Lynne on [email protected] or tel. 061 202843

Discounted swimming vouchers available for your organisation / club / company
Contact us for further details!

Aqua Classes
Aqua Aerobics Monday 20:00

Aqua Jogging Monday 11:00, 19:00 Aqua Jogging Tuesday 10:00
Aqua Jogging Wednesday 11:00, 19:00
Aqua Jogging Friday 11:00

Places still available for children and adult swim lessons at the following times:
Mon & Wed 16:00
Water confidence 3-6 year olds
Mon& Wed 17:00, 19:00
Children Advanced
Mon & Wed 20:00
Adult Improver/advanced
Tues & Thurs 17:00, 19:00
Children Improver/Advanced, Advanced
Tues & Thurs 20:00
Adult Beginner, Improver,Improver/advanced

Contact [email protected] for further information.

Check out the University Arena page in the Limerick Post newspaper each week to read all about latest news and visitors to our facility!

Congratulations to High Performance swimmer Chris Bryan, winner of 5km Open Water event at the European Cup, Antalya, Turkey!